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Facebook has 890 million daily active users and various brands are making a good use of this humongous audience, Social Bakers statistics show. Coca-Cola has more than 89 million fans and McDonalds follows with an audience of more than 56 million people.

If you’re looking for a way to reach your customers and gain new clients on Long Island, you can’t ignore these impressive numbers. Social networks are a powerful tool that is used in a strategic way it will help for the establishment of trust-based customer relationship.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media is here to stay. In 2014, more than 93 percent of marketers included social media in their online marketing plan. Predictions for the next couple years suggest that social media and mobile browsing will continue gaining importance. Social platforms continue to grow and give both users and businesses various opportunities to stay connected.

Important factors of why you should incorporate Social Media Marketing in your plan…

Increase traffic: Sharing information about your business on social media will enable you to reach a big number of qualified leads. You’ll be getting more targeted traffic, meaning that your campaign will be reaching out to people that have a particular interest in the product range or the industry.

Decrease the cost of advertising: Depending on your goals and strategy, you can create affordable advertising campaign on Facebook or Twitter. Social media marketing and other online promotion opportunities happen to be much more affordable than traditional outbound campaigns like TV and offline advertising. The return on investment (ROI) is also higher.

Beat the competition: Social Media is another battlefield. If you want to beat the competition, you have to prove your business or brand quality on social channels. Most of your competitors are making full use of social media already. If you aren’t there, you’re missing on a huge promotional opportunity.

Growing your business using Social Media Marketing on Long Island, sales are a primary measurement of business success. Nowadays, sales are a direct result of stellar customer service and adequate communication. Social media helps you grow your business through effective online communication with the right prospects.

Generate more sales through social media marketing because of these factors:

Increase brand awareness: People that like a particular brand (brand advocates) will make a recommendation about it on Facebook 35 percent of the time. People use social networks to learn more about products, services and companies. In your absence from these media, you will have no control over brand reputation. Making the best use of websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will grow brand popularity exponentially.

Communicate directly with qualified leads: When it comes to communication, social media is the perfect way to create better customer relationships. This is the easiest way to respond to question, complaints and praise. Answering every user-generated statement makes customers feel secure about your products.

Track campaigns and target specific groups: Depending on the social channels that you choose, you can create marketing campaigns that target specific groups. As the biggest social network, Facebook is a top advertising channel for B2C, while LinkedIn is a better match for B2B businesses.

Learn about your clients: Social media give you a vast range of audience data. In addition to demographic information, you will learn about interests and preferences of your users. You can also pay attention to the content that they respond best to, in order to make the campaign even better.

Getting started with social media marketing may seem overwhelming but it’s essential for cutting down on marketing costs and getting the best possible results. A Facebook advertising campaign is a great opportunity to boost brand awareness and most importantly getting leads that will convert to sales, Twitter is perfect for popularizing your corporate website. Emphasis on quality and effective communication will help you get the best possible results.

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