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Long Island SEO and Paid Search Strategies are Long Term Investment

One of the most common issues that Internet marketers have to deal with are clients that want instant gratification from their online marketing efforts. Unfortunately, as a recent article on Search Engine watch discusses, clients have to understand that “turning on the SEO” doesn’t mean they’ll rank right away. Time is one critical component the [...]

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Make Semantic Search a Key Concern in Long Island Internet Marketing

In order to provide their users with better, more meaningful results, search engines are locked in a constant struggle for improvement. One change that may have a dramatic impact on Long Island Internet marketing practices is Google’s continuing development of semantic. What semantic search allows content providers to achieve is a more natural approach to [...]

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Can Internet Marketing on Long Island Really Affect Your Business?

Recent data from InternetLiveStats.com shows that the total number of internet users worldwide is closing at 3 billion, which is barely 40 percent of the world population. In time, every household will have quick access to the Internet and such a breakthrough could mean the end of traditional business marketing. As to how this can [...]

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What is the Best Times to Post on Your Social Media Accounts?

That is the question! A question on everyone's mind, well not everyone, but those who post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, & Pinterest, is one of the top questions when managing social media accounts. According to the Infographic (Source: Social Caffeine) shows the best and worst times to post on your social networks. I suggest keeping [...]

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6 Tips for Using Pinterest to Boost your Video Traffic

Businesses are learning fast that Pinterest is one of the best tools available to increase their YouTube exposure and expand their video marketing strategy. Here are 6 Tips for using Pinterest to boost your video marketing! Social Headlines: • 6 Tips to Increase your YouTube exposure & expand your video traffic with Pinterest! • Check out our 6 tips to help you dramatically increase your video traffic with Pinterest. • Imagine pinning your video to Pinterest & tripling your video's views! These 6 tips can help!

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Social Media & Healthcare – Helping Alleviate the Coming Shortage of Physicians through Social Media

There is likely to be a 124,000 shortfall of full-time physicians in the USA by 2025. If Americans are going to continue to have adequate access to primary healthcare, this issue demands innovation. Social Headlines: • Social Media could be the answer to alleviating the future shortage of Doctors in the US • The healthcare industry has many opportunities when it comes to social media. Here are just a few • 61% of Americans go online for health information – Isn't it time they got the right info?

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How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile & Increase your Engagement

The key to getting the best results in the least amount of time on LinkedIn? Make it easier for others to find you! Social Headlines • LinkedIn users are there to connect and network with professionals in their field! Here is how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase your engagement. • The goal is to generate introductions & referrals. Here is how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase your engagement. • Here is how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase your engagement.

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2 Businesses Who Are Attaining Real Positive Social Impact

If you are looking for ways to have positive social impact for the world around you, you can learn from these two exciting organizations! Social Headlines: • Two companies making big things happen! • These 2 organizations show what's possible when you put your mind to creating positive social impact • Are you looking for ways to have positive social impact? These companies are ones to watch!

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