It’s been almost six months since Google’s changes to its algorithm were fully felt by online advertisers from Long Island and elsewhere. Some concluded that it marked the death of search engine optimization while others doubted it. The truth is, the changes put an end to traditional SEO and gave birth to something better: mature SEO.



Perhaps Google has cracked down on spam sites and low-quality material polluting their search results pages and have finally become more serious in giving their readers useful information. In an article for posted last January, contributor Jayson Demers provided some tips on how online marketers and business website owners can glide with the changes in Google’s algorithms:

“The rise of content marketing moves toward digital maturity. Content marketing was the top marketing buzzword of 2013, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Brands need to become savvy about telling their own stories and creating content that resonates with audiences. As the initial fascination with content marketing wears off, marketers are now demanding more return on investment, or ROI. Content marketing is maturing, and as a result we’re better able to effectively target content, measure performance and correct course to improve results. Social media has matured to the point where it’s intersecting with SEO to help determine search rankings. Two easy places to start are building your Google Plus presence and ensuring that your website and blog have content sharing modules built in.”

Conforming to algorithm changes is no easy task for newcomers to internet marketing. Even business owners with advanced knowledge of their industries might not be able to adapt smoothly to the changes. What they need in order to keep up with the raised standards of SEO on Long island is the help of a reputable SEO company like Unity SEO Solutions, which is home to professionals who can create, present, and implement high-quality content.

The success of such professionals can be attributed to their regularly keeping abreast of SEO trends to make sure their clients will always stay ahead of the game. Since a trusty Long Island SEO company is dedicated to making and using strategies that would increase a website’s online presence, it goes without saying that they are the ones who can most efficiently execute the SEO marketing you need.

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