Pinterest is a social network that uses visually appealing images to promote content. Although it may be obvious to you that brands are able to use Pinterest in order to promote their physical products and written content, you may not realize that many are also finding great value in promoting their video turorials, video tours and product demonstration videos on Pinterest!

In fact, businesses are quickly learning that Pinterest is one of the best tools available to increase their YouTube exposure and expand their video marketing strategy.  Mashable recently reported that one work out video brand, LionsgateBeFit, actually had their activity double, from 200,000 to 400,000 views when they started Pinning their own videos!

Interested in seeing a dramatic increase in your video traffic?  Take advantage of these 6 Tips for using Pinterest to boost your video marketing!

Here is how:

  1. Control your Thumbnail Image – Pinterest is all about the image.  The most important step in a successful video pin is to create a visually appealing cover image that represents the content in your video.  Tip:  Utilize Vimeo or YouTube’s Partner program so you can create the best thumbnail image for your content.
  2. Create a Description – When creating your video file use a search phrase as your file name & the title of your video.  Matching these will help your video get discovered on YouTube!  Tip: Use the same phrase as your description on Pinterest.
  3. Include a Link – Always include a link to your website somewhere in the actual video.  Tip:  Include a link to your site in the description section for the video.
  4. Ask for the Subscription and the Pin –Take a moment at the end of the video to encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  Tip:  Don’t forget to ask them to Pin your video too!
  5. Create Video Boards –Pinterest allows you to create Boards where you can categorize your pins.  Tip: On Pinterest create a board specifically for Videos and include “Video” in the name of the board.
  6. Socialize Your Video Board – Pinterest gives you the ability to allow contributor’s to your pinboards.  Tip:  Use this feature to request that a few of your more active or favorite fans add their videos.

These are just some of our favorite tips for increasing video traffic and growing your business with Pinterest.  Do you have a favorite Pinterest tip you would like to share?